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We have got customers from all industries because Numigo products can be useful in many ways: to protect a company’s assets, as a gift set for clients and employees, as a prize in contests etc.

Here please find selected references:

Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln JUNIOR gGmbH

Hotel Falderhof

Liffers MusikProjektManagement

Horbach Wirtschaftsberatung, Berater Marcus Brüninghaus

NMW Reiselounge

Ah und Oh Geschenke, Köln


Safilò GmbH

Maxeiner Immobilien

Numigo offers

Do you travel a lot? Protect your mobile electronic devices and luggage with Numigo products! More..

Numigo Labels

Affix our labels to your cell phone, laptop and all other gear. More...

Numigo Tags

Protect your keys, bags, luggage with our durable tags. More...

Numigo Textile Labels

Children sometimes leave their jackets in the most unlikely places. Our textile labels give you peace of mind. More...