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Lost? Numigo brings it back!

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Millions of valuable items are lost every day!

Millions of notebooks, luggage, keys, cameras and other valuable items got lost every day. But only a small percentage of them can be returned because there is no identification on the property.

Numigo Helps!

Select from a collection of ID labels and tags, activate the registered number, and relax. Numigo makes it very easy for honest finders, police departments and lost and found personnel to return lost personal belongings and corporate assets. Just enter the ID and a short message. More than 90% of the items protected by Numigo can be returned. Join Numigo now for free!

Simple and quick protection!

  1. Register for free
  2. Purchase tags and labels in the webshop or print your own labels
  3. Place on your belongings
  4. Protected by Numigo!
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Why Numigo?

  • Safe tagging of valuable items
  • Return rate exceeds 90%
  • Perfect way for finder to contact you - world-wide
  • Alerts you via email and SMS text message when found
  • Notebook protection for less than €1.30
  • Print labels on your printer for free (e.g. Avery, Zweckform)
  • No hidden fees
  • Tags and labels never expire
  • World-wide protection
  • Maintain a list of your valuables