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Is it really free?

Is Numigo really free?

How do you intend to make money?

Is Numigo really free?

Numigo is really free! You can register items for free, print labels on your own printer for free, contact owners for free when you found something. Once you have registered something, no fee will be charged for the registration for as long as the Numigo service is available. There is one limitation though on the maximum number of items that you can register for free: You can register at maximum 50 items. This quantity may change over time, but anything you register now, remains registered free of charge in the future. 50 registrations should be more than enough for the typical household.

How do you intend to make money?

At Numigo, our community comes first. Our main goal is to provide a great service to the community. But we do have some avenues for generating revenue which allows us to operate this service: In our shop, you can purchase useful Numigo products such as key tags, durable labels, textile labels etc. But nobody is required to purchase these items in order to benefit from Numigo. In addition, we offer additional services for large customers that want to register more than the maximum free quantity. We may also offer additional fee-based services in the future but the main Numigo service will remain free as long as Numigo operates.

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