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Register a new item

After registration you will find the new item in your main list in "My Numigo". A unique Numigo ID will be assigned. You can use this number to mark the item, for example by printing out labels. You can change name, reward, description and category any time after registration.

A descriptive title for your item, e.g. a combination of type and brand. Example: Laptop, Dell
Any noteworthy characteristics. Example: Purchased on 1/1/07 on our joint trip to New Mexico, extended warranty ends 2012
Amount which you pledge to pay to the finder. Note that in some countries certain minimum amounts are required by law.

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Protect your keys, bags, luggage with our durable tags. More...

Numigo Textile Labels

Children sometimes leave their jackets in the most unlikely places. Our textile labels give you peace of mind. More...